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Security - An important priority

The ASHUTOSHCFS is a CFS that has given security its undivided attention. The infrastructure has thoughtfully built in a number of security features that make the whole facility a safe haven for the storage and movement of cargo.

It is a facility that is fully obedient with all the Safety Codes and Regulations laid down by leading Maritime and Government organizations. Man, Machine and Mind everything has come together to make the CFS totally secure from any man made or natural eventualities. Zero Accident and Zero Pilferage is what the CFS will try hard to achieve.

Few safety features at the CFS

•  Dedicated professional security personnel and officers
•  Emergency Response Team
•  Full fledged Modern fire fighting systems with a capacity of 350 KL Water storage facility
   with strategically placed Hydrants in the entire yard.
•  First Aid Facility
•  Uninterrupted power supply with backup generators
•  Fork Lifts and Handling Equipment complying with Emission Norms
•  Haz Mat coordinator for Dangerous Goods Monitoring
•  Pollution Free working environment

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