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A Combination of Man, Machine and Proficiency the Ashutosh CFS is a World Class CFS in the making.
To guarantee a consistent world class experience for its clients, a Dedicated Team of Managers will
offer Personalized Services for the supervision, management and movement of cargo.
This team, backed by Well Trained CFS Staff, will ensure that things keep ticking with Clockwork accuracy.
Cargo & Container Services:

•  Large Trained Labor Force for Fast Stuffing &
   De-Stuffing Of Cargo.
•  Free Survey Reports For All Import & Export    Containers.
•  Empty Container Survey & Repair Facility.
•  Well Secured & Adequate Insurance Coverage.
   Overall User Benefit in Lesser Premia Due To
   Full-Fledged Fire Fighting System.
•  Customized CFS Management System For On Line Tracking Of Cargo & Containers.
•  Services of Experienced & Reputed Surveyors & Fumigation Specialists.
•  Faster Loading/Unloading & Delivery for Better Vehicle Turn-Around Time.
•  To exploit the potential of Handling Commodities such as Wooden Logs, Food grains,
   Stones and Imported Loose Scrap, the CFS has invested in Special Handling Equipments.
•  Servicing Of Factory Stuffed Containers.
•  Palletization, Lashing & Chocking Facility on Demand.
•  Customized Inventory Report For Empties.
•  Guaranteed En-Block Movement Within Free Days.
•  Amenities/Utility Services for Truckers.
•  Public Address System at Parking Lot, Yard, Godowns and Main Gate for Controlled Traffic Flow without    Congestion.
•  Forwarding & groupage.

Handling Equipments

The successful operation of a CFS is determined by the level of mechanization and automation that it deploys. The equipment at CFS

•  Reach Stacker
•  Empty Container Handler with 15 toner Forklift
•  Fork Lifts 3 toner • Hand Carts
•  Crane Hydra (14 Ton) • Trailers Fleet.
•  Grabs for mechanized handling of Scrap Cargo
•  Exclusive Chassis for stuffing
•  Front loaders, HMT, Dumper Trucks

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