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Ashutosh CFS - Mundra
Seamless Logistics Solutions 

The overall strategy at Ashutosh CFS has been to create a solid platform of solutions, constantly build upon them and continuously evolve to keep up with the demands of the global customer. Ashutosh Container Services is committed to provide total logistics solutions and freight services of the highest quality and improving our systems to exceed our customer's expectations. Ashutosh Container Services is your first choice for all your freight forwarding needs.  

Ashutosh CFS Customer Profile
“There is no sUccess without U”

Our customer is the hub of our activities and all our services revolve around the customer as a nucleus. To Ashutosh CFS every customer is important and critical in its plan of growth. This emphasis has led to constant innovation in the services that we provide which in turn have enhanced our performance standards. We are constantly in the process of adding a host of services to our existing portfolio so we can serve you better across the entire spectrum of your logistic requirements. Understanding customer needs and customer care, therefore takes priority in its scheme of things. Smooth document processing, immediate technical assistance or advice, efficient handling, swift dispatch etc. all are elements which help it in building a strong and professional relation locally and globally. At Ashutosh CFS we believe that our expertise is a business tool to deliver handling solutions which improve our client’s operations and profitability.

Our customers

• Global Shipping Lines/Agents
• Freight Forwarders
• Distribution Companies
• Heavy Industries
• Corporate Houses
• Importers-Exporters
• Small & Medium size customers
  (Special Packages Offered)

To each we have made a commitment of providing a global suite of cargo management
and container movement solutions which we will fulfill.

Cargo Profile

• Factory Stuffed Containers
• Special Equipment offered for Food Grains/ Agro Commodities / Wooden Logs / Scrap / Stone Products
• Expert team exclusively focused on managing Project Cargo/ Heavy Cargo / ODC
• Handling and Stuffing of all types of Export Cargo
• FCL Import Handling
• Cargo Hub activity

• Location & Service Offerings

- Located just 8 kms from Gateway Port and 3 kms from Mundra
- World Class Infrastructure
- Covered Storage 5000 Sq.M
- Open Yard: Heavy duty paved area 65000 Sq.M ready, 2nd phase 35000 Sq.M under construction.
- Annual Handling Capacity 80,000 TEUs
- En-block Import Movements within Port Free Days
- Servicing Factory Stuffed Containers
- 130 KVA HT Power with DG backup.
- Dedicated Truck, Trailer, Parking Lot of 2000 Sq.M scalable upto 7000 Sq.M

• Facilities of Warehousing

- Dedicated Warehouse Space for Lines / Agents / NVOCCs / Forwarders / CHAs
- Own Material Handling Equipments (MHE) such as fork lifts, hand pallet trucks, racking etc
- Customized logistics solution
- Value-added services such as packing, kitting, labeling, invoicing etc.
- Primary and secondary transportation.

• Staff and Offices

- Professional and Trained CFS Staff
- Offices at Mundra Cargo Hinterland

• Value Added Services

- Full Fledged Customs EDI Centre & Customs Staff located within the CFS
- On-line Tracking and Real Time Updates for customers
- Specialized Handling and Stacking Equipment for Wooden Logs / Scrap / Stone and Similar Cargo
- Special Expertise for Containerization of Project Cargo
- 9 numbers of live Reefer Plugs available.
- Special Monitoring of Hazardous Goods as per IMO classifications
- Ample Parking Space for Truck / Trailers

• Care of Container

- State of the Art Container Repairs & Cleaning facility within the CFS complex
- Exclusive Reefer Monitoring PTI/Run Check for Reefer Containers

• Facilities Proposed

- Proposed Automated Silos / Bunkers with Grading / Cleaning & Bagging Plants for Agricultural Products
- Proposed Bank Counter within the premises
- Proposed Distribution Centre with Modular Racking System, WMS and GPS based monitoring
- Proposed Cold Storage Facility within the CFS

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