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During the Shipping business, Shubham Group and Ashapura Group realized the enormous business potential in the cargo management and movement sector. At the same time with the Indian economy starting to live up to its potential, international trade was being spurred on to fresh growth. It in turn translated into the emergence of a class of business dedicated to the creation of facilities, which could handle this boom
This encouraged both the group to add a fresh initiative to its business portfolio with a company in the container freight station sector called – Ashutosh Container Services Pvt. Ltd.

Ashutosh Container Services Pvt. Ltd. (ACS), incorporated in 2003,is a joint venture between Shubham Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd., Mundra and Ashapura Group comprising Ashapura Minechem Ltd. (AML), Ashapura Shipping Ltd., Ashapura Volclay Ltd. and Ashapura International Ltd.
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